Who We Are

Iowa’s member-owned electric cooperative advocates have an authentic, American story to tell and are banding together to promote safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy for Iowans. Iowa Rural Power takes pride in representing the interests of the rural families and businesses electric co-ops provide electricity to.

It is more important than ever that policymakers at both the state and federal level understand how proposed energy policies will uniquely affect the well-being of rural Iowa. Rural Power advocates are leading the way in discussing what needs to be done to ensure electric cooperative member-owners have the power they need to support their communities.

You can help your electric cooperative in this effort by continuing the discussion with friends, family, and elected officials. Get involved today and help make sure policymakers and candidates represent the interests of rural Iowa!

The Cooperative Difference

Because rural electric cooperatives are governed by those they serve, they are most aware of the energy and economic development needs within their local communities. This on-the-ground knowledge has enabled electric cooperatives to aid in local economic growth for more than 75 years.

Iowa’s electric cooperatives know that affordable electricity is a fundamental aspect of any economic environment fostering future growth and stability. This is why employees and member-owners of electric cooperatives are making sure to share their perspectives with policymakers and political candidates.

With Iowa’s population shifting to urban and suburban areas, it is more important than ever that the voices of rural Iowa remain strong and vigilant. Policymakers must understand how proposed energy policies will uniquely affect the future economic well-being of Iowa’s rural economies, and it’s up to us to tell them our story.

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